Coventry live!

Live streaming in the city displaying local events, stories, vacant jobs & more!

No_avatar_small Submitted by Greg Prats
CityCamp Coventry
How can we use the web to help make Coventry an even better place to live?

One website & Mobile app named Coventry Live!

It will gather all information related to or happening in the city on the day and upcoming ones. Then, a Live Stream displays the information on all screens available around the city and user mobiles allowing inhabitants, students and tourists to access it anytime. Screens could be located in the city center, iconic spots, stop buses & train station or any other pedestrian nods as in major shopping centers and markets.

The information displayed could take different shapes from simple live feeds to short animated films and reports.

It will be about the Local Life:

Local events like concerts, art exhibitions, act performances, happenings, sports encounters, etc.

Local real stories such as rewards, congratulations, local entrepreneurs, fire fighters, teachers or doctors accomplishment, honoring student or neighbors initiative, etc.

It will also be Practical:

Vacant jobs & opportunities.

Warnings on weather forecast, railway problems or missing child.

It will also be Caring!

Announcements on new born, newly weds and mourning (we welcome ..., we will regret ...)

Special City council messages, greetings & wishes like christmas market, NYE wishes, religious events, etc.

City council incentive programs introducing a local NGO, plant-a-tree actions, drive slowly campaign and any others.

And it will be informative too:

Display interesting facts about the city like numbers, history, city projects and more.

At last, it will generate revenues through B2B services:

Local Promotions for local shops openings, events and more.

Shops & Brands Advertisement via a targeted local media.

This could generate revenues through advertisement and even allow companies to test their new campaign/products/design/logos at a city level giving Coventry an unique asset.

Not only it will make Coventry live and lively but it will strengthen the social net as inhabitants can see, share and relate to anything happening today in their city.

I believe it would be a great medium to focus on Coventry, its life and inhabitants making it an interactive city. Indeed, in several years, all screens will become smarter and will be able to interact with NFC chips.

If today the idea is just about displaying live feeds, its potential applications with future smart screens (or units) could be endless. The first steps have to be taken today in order to lead the changes of tomorrow.

  • Graeme Mulvaney
    12 Oct at 14:12

    It sounds almost like a local rolling news channel - have you had much luck in sourcing information? - would there be scope for BBCCWR, Free Radio, Touch FM or the Telegraph to get involved?

  • Greg Prats
    15 Oct at 15:27

    Hello Graeme, it is close to a new channel and I do believe a city would have enough content to animate it.
    Cities have to rethink their environment to keep it not only attractive but also socially friendly.
    My idea is very much based on the success encountered with live displays across the country during the Olympic Games. I'm sure a mix of screens, radio and web app would be a great asset for the Coventry inhabitants.
    If you wish to hear more about it, you can meet me on Saturday as I will attend the event.

  • Graeme Mulvaney
    17 Oct at 03:28

    Your challenge is going to be getting hold of the distribution rights to content - we've already lost a radio station (mercia is produced entirely in Birmingham) and Metro has canibalised the telegraph's audience to such an extent that it may become a weekly paper. Will you be able to source high quality content to build an maintain an audience?

  • Laura Elliott
    18 Oct at 15:51

    Remember the 'text' board outside the car park/opposite IKEA? This could function on the same level. I like the idea of a public information broadcasting stream, like a less naff or more interesting version of the interactive bus stops...

  • Laura Elliott
    18 Oct at 15:52

    Could link to a twitter feed perhaps...?